About Us

Continuing a Legacy of Excellence in Emu Oil

Emu Sales Limited, a family-owned business, has continued a tradition of excellence in importing the finest Emu oil since 1993. Originating as Norfolk Trading in Norwich, our journey began with a deep connection to Emu Oil's origins, fostered by our founding director who spent many years in Australia and had direct family links to Emu Oil processors there.

In 2009, we embraced a new chapter as Emu Sales Ltd., inheriting the legacy of Norfolk Trading and infusing it with our renewed commitment to quality and service. Our mission remains steadfast: to supply the best possible quality emu oil available. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of service, catering to customers worldwide with products that reflect our passion for purity and efficacy.

At Emu Sales Ltd., we honour our roots while evolving to meet the needs of our global clientele, ensuring every bottle of Emu oil we offer is a testament to our dedication to natural wellness and customer satisfaction.