Emu Oil Wholesale

Take advantage of our Wholesale Programme designed specifically for VAT-registered sellers seeking substantial savings.

For VAT-registered businesses looking to expand their product offerings in the wellness and personal care sectors, our Wholesale Program featuring a diverse range of emu oil products is a perfect choice. From luxurious bath additives to effective pain relief solutions, our products are designed to meet the needs of your customers while enhancing your product lineup. 

With massive discounts of 50% and a straightforward approval process, it's never been easier to enhance your business's offerings while cutting costs. See the details below and discover how you can start saving today!


Follow a simple three-step process:


 Step 1: Submit a Wholesale Account Request

  • Start by completing the Wholesale Account Request form on our website. It is crucial to fill out all mandatory fields accurately, as missing information could delay your application. We assure you that your contact details are only used for transactional communications and tracking purposes and will not be used for marketing.

Step 2: Await Review and Approval

  • Our dedicated team will carefully review your request to ensure all criteria are met. Approval typically takes only a short period, during which we verify the details provided to ensure a seamless transition to wholesale pricing.

Step 3: Receive Your Approval Notification

  • Once your application is approved, you will receive an email notification. This confirmation will grant you access to purchase products at a significant discount, helping your business to benefit from our cost-effective purchasing options.


          Why Our Wholesale Programme?

          Tailored for VAT-Registered Sellers:
          Specifically designed for business entities that are serious about maximizing their operational budget.

          Substantial Discounts on Bulk Purchases:

          Enjoy a 50% discount on all products, conditioned upon a minimum transaction of £200 before the discount. This policy is designed to facilitate substantial, cost-effective bulk purchases.

          A Diverse Product Line-up:

          Enjoy a 50% discount on all products! This policy is designed to facilitate substantial, cost-effective bulk purchases.

          Extensive Product Selection and Customization:

          We provide custom product and white label services. Tailor products to suit your brand’s needs—perfect for businesses looking to offer bespoke solutions to their customers. (MOQ's and other terms & conditions apply. Please contact our sales department for further info.)


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